D. Laird Allan

I was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1949 and grew up in Windsor, Ontario.  In 1971 I joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and went west to the training academy (Depot) in Regina, Saskatchewan.  From there I was stationed in British Columbia, where I spent my 31 year career.  29 of those 31 years were spent in the traffic and collision analyst/reconstructionist field. Over that span I photographed every conceivable type of motor vehicle collision, attending over 4000. 

At leaving the Force in 2002 I started a small professional business with my camera and expertise.  I successfully completed the New York Institute of  Photography Course.  I am a people person and my favorite subjects are in fact people, especially children.  I use a photo journalistic style to try and capture the essence of the subject's personality in a candid and spontaneous way.  I have and will continue to attempt to capture our history for future generations to enjoy.

I continue to gain experience and am trying to keep up to date in the ever expanding digital world.  I have studied at the Image Explorations in Victoria, B.C. under the tutelage of Masters of Photography, Joseph and Louise Simone of Montreal, Quebec.  I will continue to follow my passion for life through my view finder.  In 2009 I under went a medical event that has changed my life and slowed me down a touch.  I have gone into semi-retirement and am picking and choosing the events that I want to capture.  I hope to some day meet you in my view finder.

Carpe Diem and be safe.

D. Laird Allan

My Short Biography